E-MAILing a camper is easy!

Send an email to your camper at this address:


Include in the subject line: Camper Name & Program Name. (No pictures or attachments please)


  • Be sure to include their full name and the name of the program in the subject line.
  • Be cautious not to say things that might cause your camper to be homesick, or think you are distraught because they are not with you.  Throwing in things like "I'm so excited you get to be at camp this week" and "I'm so proud of you for spending the week at camp" go a long way.
  • Encourage your camper to practice good camp habits like trying new things, making new friends, and listening to their counselors.
  • Encourage them to send you a letter, and if they're a younger camper, remind them of your home address.
  • Please do not send picture or attachments.

If you have any concerns about your camper while they are away at camp, you can always reach us at 717-273-6525 or via e-mail at camp@gretnaglen.org. We take your child's safety and emotional well being very seriously. For more on our healthcare policies at camp click here.