Camper Cell Phone Policy

Gretna Glen, along with summer camps across the country, will continue to enforce a no camper cell phone policy. We can appreciate the desire for parents and guardians to be in contact with their camper while they are at camp however the risks of allowing campers to have cell phones continue to outweigh the benefits in the camp community. Cell phones continue to advance and offer multi use functions like camera, video recording, music player, texting, web browsing, and video games that can put campers at risk of emotional injury when misused or unsupervised. In addition to these factors, cell phones can be expensive and the outdoor camp environment can be hard on electronics. We encourage letters from home and encourage campers to write letters while they are here.

During your child’s week at camp we can assure you that a parent or guardian will be contacted if…

  • Your camper is ill, with a fever over 100 degrees
  • Your camper needs medical treatment off-site
  • If there are questions regarding medications or healthcare of your camper
  • Your camper is unable to function within the community of Gretna Glen in a healthy way

Any cell phones that are sent with campers will be confiscated and held in the office until the end of the session.

Cell phones will be used by camp staff in emergency or safety situations.

We thank you in advance for your support of our policy regarding the safety of campers.

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