There's a lot to consider when you're figuring out which of our summer camp programs works best for you. In order to make this process as quick and enjoyable as possible we have two ways of seeing what's available:

  • Our "Summer By the Week"/ At-a-glance calendar below gives you all of the "at-a-glance" details all on one easy to see document.  This is great for choosing based on available weeks and age ranges, and helps you to see how we organize our programs throughout the summer.
  • The menu on the right gives you options to see more detailed information on our varying types of programs, as well as some photo galleries, and a great look at the Gretna Glen Experience. If you'd prefer to view all of our programs in a flippable e-magazine, our brochure is also online for your convenience.


2020 Schedule Preview 

Stay tuned for Summer 2020 updates.



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