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Day Camp at Gretna Glen is a wonderful way for kids to explore nature, make new friends, and learn about Christ’s love! For children from 4 years old, through having completed 8th grade. Each week of day camp has a new theme & new lessons; so pick one, two, or more weeks and make Gretna Glen the foundation of your child’s summer. The Village serves as the day camp hub and includes group shelters, a large pavilion, campfire sites, restrooms, a small amphitheater and plenty of room to run around. Day campers are dropped off at the Funk Center in the morning. Day campers will be divided into family groups by age/grade so that activities for each group can be adjusted to be age appropriate. Day Campers must be fully potty trained and be able to use the restroom when needed without assistance. Diapers and Pull-Ups should not be needed to attend our program. We recognize campers may have an 'accident', and we will care for this type of situation with our health care staff.

A balanced lunch, two snacks and plenty of fluids are prepared by our kitchen staff. Our trained day camp staff spends the entire week leading a small group so that they can better understand the needs of each camper. Although each week of camp has a different theme and Bible lessons, there is a standard schedule that ensures all campers will experience the great things about camp like boating, swimming and fishing each week.

Sample Schedule:

7:30-9:00 Extended Day available (Register On-line)
9:00-Arrival, Snack
9:45-Morning Worship
10:30-Swim Time, Water slide
11:30-Lunch & Singing
12:15-Afternoon Transitional Time
12:45-Camp Activities [Boating, Fishing, Playground, Nature]      
1:30-Afternoon Rotations [Bible Discovery, Theme Activities]
4:00-Camper Pick Up
4:00-5:30 Extended Day available (Register On-line)

Extended Day:

Morning extended ($25) day is available and children may be dropped off anytime between 7:30am and 8:45am.

Afternoon extended ($25) day pick up time is between 5:15pm-5:30pm. This allows campers to go enjoy an additional activity after the end of regular day camp.

Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3 For information on Tiered Pricing

Day Camp Programs:



Ultimate Sports & Water Fun Day Camp

Event ID: GD10       Dates: June 14-18      Capacity: 80         Cost: $205 / $215 / $225 

For children 4 years old through 8th Grade:

The name says it all! Each day brings a new twist to classic sports and a fun way to cool off.!


All About Animals Day Camp

Event ID: GD20       Dates: June 21-June 25      Capacity: 60        Cost: $205 / $215 / $225

For Children 4 years old through 5th Grade:

Meet animal guests from next door and around the world. Animal crafts and games make this week a blast for any animal enthusiast.


Mission Possible

For Children having completed 5th to 8th grade:

Event ID: GD29      Dates: June 21-25                  Capacity: 20        Cost: $205 / $215 / $225

Event ID: GD39      Dates: June 28 - July 2         Capacity: 20        Cost: $205 $215 $225

Event ID: GD59      Dates: July 12-16                    Capacity: 20        Cost: $205 / $215 / $225

Does your camper enjoy serving others and want to learn the mission God has given them? During the week, the group will take on their own mission project.


Wet & Wacky Day Camp

For Children 4 years old through 5th Grade:                        

Event ID: GD30     Dates: June 28 - July 2             Capacity: 60        Cost: $205 / $215 / $225 

Event ID: GD80     Dates: June 28 - July 2             Capacity: 60        Cost: $205 / $215 / $225 

Water slides, bubble fun and water games galore! Beat the heat and mid-summer boredom in wacky ways.


Totally Awesome Random Fun Day Camp

For children 4 years old through 8th Grade:

Event ID: GD40     Dates: July 5-9          Capacity: 80        Cost: $205 / $215 / $225 

Do you love a variety pack? Then this week is for you! Each day will bring a totally new adventure. You could be an Olympian one day and a Wilderness Explorer the next. Come experience camp classics with a twist of random fun!


Space is the Place Day Camp 

For Children 4 years old through 5th Grade: 

Event ID: GD50     Dates: July 20-July 24         Capacity: 60         Cost: $205 / $215 / $225 

Camp is ready to blast off! Learn about what's beyond our sky with space themed crafts and activities while still getting to do all of our camp classics as well.


GO Wild! Day Camp  

For children 4 years old through 8th Grade:                                        

Event ID: GD60     Dates: July 19-23                 Capacity: 80          Cost: $205 / $215 / $225

It's time to explore wildlife, learn survival skills, and connect to nature. Fun games and crafts will help you in your quest to Go Wild!


On the Move Day Camp

Event ID: GD70        Dates: July 26-30               Capacity: 80          Cost: $205 / $215 / $225

This week is for kids who want to get moving and shaking. Explore new ways to get active through Karate, Yoga and More!




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