Recreation Options

Gretna Glen views these recreational options as intentional ways to bond, learn and grow. These recreation options are staffed by Gretna Glen trained facilitators and have goals that can be adjusted to meet the needs of your group. Recreational options should be scheduled ahead of your retreat but may be available to add after you arrive if the staffing and schedule allows.

Recreation Options

1)      Personal Challenge Course--$5 per person per hour

2)      Teambuilding Challenge Course--$10 per person for 2 hours

3)      Trust Trail only--$50 per 30 people

4)      High Ropes Challenge Course--$20 per person for 2 hours

5)      Archery--$35 per hour. Up to 20 people in an hour.

6)      Boating--$35 per hour. Up to 20 people in an hour, available seasonally

7)      Swimming--$50 per hour for every 25 people. Available between Memorial and Labor Day

8)      Large group games--$35 per hour per 25 people