prOgram Pricing

At Gretna Glen we want costs to be upfront.  For most activities, we use a per person rate, and have group minimums clearly listed to be sure there's no confusion.   If you'd like to jump directly to our Teambuilding options, or our Outdoor Education options, please click the appropriate link.

Outdoor education:

Group Minimum: 8 students

Cost:  $12 per student each day.  This is based on a schedule where Gretna Glen leads 3 activities, and you lead one.

For large groups (over 80 students), Gretna Glen may choose to add  extra sessions to meet ideal class sizes.


 High Ropes/ Climbing

 REcreation options

We have a variety of recreation options to add to your event or retreat at Gretna Glen.  Many of those options are free with your retreat, but some require staffing. 

Gretna Glen Staff Led Recreation Options:

Boating, Archery, Fishing, Large Group Games

$35.00 per hour for groups of up to 20

"Large Group Games" can accommodate groups with more than 20 people - cost will be quoted based on group size and staffing needs.

 Trust Trail

$50.00 per group of 8-30 participants

$75.00 per group of 31-50 participants

$100.00 per group of 51-75 participants