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our vision

"To challenge groups and individuals in exciting and accessible ways which strengthen bonds, inspire growth, and transform lives."

our approach

Gretna Glen creates original programs for every group in order to optimize the potential for success.  Group goals, interests, and abilities help us design a program appropriate for you.  Programs can be two hours, two days, or spread out over a number of weeks.  They can take place at camp or we can bring them to your location.

Our unique programs can focus on leadership development, communication, cohesion, trust, confidence, problem-solving, and/or conflict resolution.  We can utilize our Teambuilding Courses, and High Challenge courses to help develop these skills.  These experiences are meant to be a building block for your group.  Participants return home with the ability to apply lessons learned at Gretna Glen to real life situations and transform them into individual and group success!

Feedback from our guests


"The Gretna Glen staff provides a total package using a wide variety of challenging team building activities.  Whether we are doing the challenge course or various elements of the [high] ropes course their ultimate goal is for our players to strive for success through problem solving and teamwork.  These positive experiences are the reason we continue our long standing relationship on an annual basis." - Jeff Rosensteel, Head Coach - Hershey High School Girls Soccer