Junior Staff

For 16 & 17 year old youth interested in experiencing Gretna Glen as summer staff.

 *For Summer 2019 Junior Staff is by invitation only to help us establish a base for the program.*

Gretna Glen is excited to continue developing a Junior Staff program for summer 2019. The Junior Staff program gives youth the opportunity to build their leadership gifts and grow in their faith. They will participate in a partial week staff training then serve for two weeks during the summer as counselors and support staff.


Important Things To Know:


What are Junior Staff members' responsibilities?

Junior Staff members will be asked to serve for two weeks during the summer. One week will allow them to serve as a counselor and work alongside the college-aged summer staff and wonderful volunteers. The other week, Junior Staff will have an opportunity to see a different side of camp as the serve in a variety of behind-the-scenes roles. These roles will include food service, house keeping, program, and support staff. The goal is that each Junior Staffer will get to be a part of many different sides of camp.

How do I apply to be on Junior Staff?

You should complete a Junior Staff application (which can be found in the top right menu of this page) and mail it to camp. You must also send the link of the Staff Reference Form to each of the three people listed as references on your application. Once we have received a completed application and reference forms, Gretna Glen will contact you to set up an interview.

Who should I ask to be my references?

Good examples of people who can give references are teachers, pastors, youth leaders, and other employers. Your family members may not be one of your references.

Will I need a work permit?

Yes. An application for a work permit can be obtained at your local school district.

What kind of training will the Junior Staff receive?

Junior Staff Training will be held on June 7th-9th. Gretna Glen policies, camper care, camp activities, kitchen procedures, and cleaning are all topics that will be covered in training. Junior Staff members will be staying on the Ridge during training to build community.

Can I still be a camper if I'm on Junior Staff?

Absolutely! If you are able, we encourage you to be a camper this summer in addition to being on Junior Staff.