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Applications for the 2020 Summer Staff will be open in November. Check back then!



Gretna Glen Summer Staff

OUR MISSION for the summer staff is to provide a position for you that will bring out the God-given talents you possess and strengthen you through training and hands on experience.

The Vision of Gretna Glen- In the context of Christian camping and retreat ministry, Gretna Glen seeks to invite children, youth and adults to find new life in Jesus Christ; to help them to mature in their faith; and to send them out in service to the Church and the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

+Who are Gretna Glen Camp Staff members?

Gretna Glen summer staff members come from nearby colleges, such as Messiah, Shippensburg, Millersville, HACC, Juniata, Eastern, and many more. Summer staff also come from local high schools to work with our campers. They are a diverse group of people with many interests from singing to dancing to sports to movie making, to playing a guitar. The one thing they have in common is their love for Christ and the desire to share his word with our campers. This could be you!

+What is the goal of Gretna Glen Summer Camp?

The Mission of the Eastern Pennsylvania United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries is to provide transforming experiences in sacred spaces within God's creation that bring diverse people to new and renewed life in Jesus Christ.

Our goal as staff and volunteers is to share the joy of knowing and following Jesus Christ by providing a welcoming and loving atmosphere in the beautiful wilderness of Gretna Glen.

+What age group does Gretna Glen serve?

Gretna Glen overnight campers can range from first grade up to seniors in high school depending on the camp. We also have a day camp that welcomes 4-year olds through 5th grade. We try to offer a camp program for everyone in these age ranges every week.

+What is the time commitment for a new Camp Staff member?

The summer season starts on June 5th with staff training for new staff and June 6th for returning staff. The last day of camp ends on August 4th. Some staff will have the opportunity to work through August 17th depending on the staffing needs of camp. During a typical week, staff will report to camp by 1:00 pm on Sunday and will be done Friday evening after cleaning is complete.

+What kind of training do Gretna Glen Camp Staff receive?

Staff receives a very extensive training from June 4-14 in addition to pre-summer online training. There is a lot to cover and not a lot of down time during this on site staff training week. It is a chance for staff to learn how to care for campers, teach the Bible curriculum, get to know their new camp family, learn Gretna Glen policies, play games, and settle in to their new home. If you have an interest, training can also include learning how to lead specialized activities such as archery, challenge course, and others.

+What activities will be at Camp?

Just to name a few: Archery, Boating, Teambuilding, High Ropes, Bible Study, Swimming, Arts & Crafts, Games, Sports, Capture the Flag, All Camp Game, Campfires, Outdoor Cooking, Nature, Fishing, Singing, Dancing...

+Where will I be living while at camp?

If you are a counselor for the week, you will be living with the campers in the cabins, retreat lodge, or at one of our outpost sites. As a counselor, your lodging will depend on what camp you are working with. If you are assigned to program or kitchen, you will be staying in the Chalet. The Chalet is an A-frame house that has three floors. There are five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a nice living room. You will be sharing bedrooms with other staff members and can stay here over the weekends if you are at least 18 years old.

+What is the Bible Curriculum for 2019?

Summer 2019 will follow the PEACE WORKS theme where campers will learn about a couple different narratives from the Bible and understand the blessing of peace in their lives. Peace is something we share with others and a longing within our hearts. Scripture is filled with the stories of peace and justice and camp is the perfect place to share them. Peace isn't always easy, but it's always worth the effort, because we know that peace works.

  • Discovery 1 - Hospitality
  • Discovery 2 - Community
  • Discovery 3 - Responding to Conflict
  • Discovery 4 - God's Reconciling Love
  • Discovery 5 - Self-Sacrifice for Unity of All