Financial Support

Gretna Glen is a non –profit organization and all donations are 501(c)3 deductible.

Without those that have given greatly in the past and those that continue to give to Gretna Glen we would not be able to offer the excellent programs and space that we do. Please consider how you can give.



6   5 gallon igloos

4 chest coolers

Office Supply Gift Card (Staples)

Building Supplies Gift Card (Lowes or Home Depot)

Commercial Floor Fan

2 Volleyballs

2 Footballs

4 Basketballs

8 Cabin Box Fans

Gently Used 7 passenger van

30 cup coffee urn (for hot water)

6 cases multi-use paper

6 acoustic guitars

5   8” Djembe Drum

5  10” Djembe Drum

6 basic sleds



Colored pencils

Video Projector

Annual Giving

Gretna Glen counts on annual giving to maintain our property. Contributions to our general fund help offset the cost of running a facility that is over 55 years old and allows for upgrades to serve our campers and guests in a comfortable safe environment.

Pathway to Our Future Finance Initiative

Gretna Glen is blessed with a retreat lodge and maintenance building/apartments that were built in 2004/2005. This finance initiative is working to pay the mortgage of $690,000 off on these buildings early to save us approximately $246,000 in interest. As of December 2014 donations, pledges and Gretna Gritty fundraisers have given $273,480.86 towards this goal. We still need substantial donations to be made to rid ourselves of this debt. The retreat lodge and maintenance building still have the opportunity to be named after someone with a gift of 50% of the cost of the building. This PDF brochure tells you more about this finance initiative.

Capital Giving

Our commitment to not only maintain our site, but to continually upgrade our facilities so that we provide our guests with an environment that allows them to be renewed and refreshed for good works is a constant process. Our master plan is designed so that we can continue to provide space for campers and guests of all abilities to enjoy this great space. At this time we have two major projects that we are focused on. Projects will not move forward until all monies are committed. If you would like to name a building after yourself, a family member, or an organization, please contact us.

Newcomer Dining Hall Covered Deck Addition

Thank you for your generous contributions to our new dining hall deck!  Construction was completed in May of 2016, and we are loving this new space to serve our guests in nature!

Mainsite Bathhouse

The original bathhouse built in 1958 has had several facelifts over the last 30 years in efforts to keep it usable as long as possible. This space has served us well and is in need of complete replacement. When it was originally built it was thought to be used just as a summer time bathhouse. In its current use as a heated bathhouse to 8 cabins which at capacity hold 122 guests, it is defiantly time for a new space. The project is underway and we need approximately $90,000 to complete the bathhouse. Click here for most recent updates!

Scholarship Giving

Gretna Glen provided need based scholarships of various amounts to individuals that attend our summer camp programs. Any amount that is given will go into the fund and be shared with camper families as they are requested.