After spending their first night camping on the Ridge, Wilderness Adventure and Junior High Extreme made their own breakfast before engaging in Bible Discovery and team building exercises on the low ropes challenge course. In the evening, they made their own dinners, learned how to build shelters and tie knots, and had a campfire.

Latino Children enjoyed a wide variety of activities including boating, nature lessons, games, swimming, Ga-Ga, basketball, and Bible Discovery. Additionally, they prepared for their upcoming talent show and had a time of worship.

Latino Youth had time to grow as a team on the low ropes challenge course and then an opportunity to work as a team on the high ropes course. In the evening they had a time of worship and then participated in the trust trail.

All About Animals Day Camp had opportunities to choose from a variety of activities such as boating, fishing, learning about nature, and playing on the playground. After lunch, they learned their Bible lesson of the day, made crafts out of dog food, and spent time with the dogs that came to visit!