Summer is in full swing this week at Gretna Glen! 

Mini Adventures camp played some teamwork games this morning and then had bible discovery. After lunch they had choice time. this evening they had a campfire before bed.                 Saddle Crew did some team building activities this morning. This evening they visited the Gretna Glen Farm. Tomorrow will be their first day riding at Iron Stone Ranch.         

               Pedal Paddle spent their morning boating and bike training. This evening they played capture the flag with After Hours Camp. 

            Night Owls played kickball this morning and then spent some time checking out the wild life in the pond. This evening they will be going for a night swim. 

       After hours completed some team building activities this afternoon. This evening they will zip line and go for a night swim.   

                Day camp spent their morning in the pool/ This afternoon they had nature show and tell, played soccer, had bible discovery and completed a craft.