Camper In Leadership Training (CILT)

Have you ever wanted to be a counselor at camp, but aren't old enough? Come be a Camper In Leadership Training (CILT) and experience a week or two of leadership as a camper. The Gretna Glen CILT program exists for youth age 14-17 approved by Program Directors or the Program Manager to develop as Christian leaders and grow as potential future camp staff. CILTs serve with Day Camp or young children’s overnight programs for one or sometimes two weeks in the summer. To become a CILT for this summer just follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Fill out the CILT application found here:    Application PDF
    • Note: There is not an online application this year. Please print out the pdf and send it in.
    • CILTs need to fill out an application every year.
  2. You will be contacted about the program/dates you desire to be at camp following completion of CILT training.
  3. After approval, register for the event as a camper - Cost for all CILTs is $100 - Cost for day camp CILTs is $50.
  4. Be prepared to attend a training on Sunday morning of the day your week begins.
  5. Come serve as an awesome part of Summer Camp 2018.

For youth age 14-17 approved by Program Directors or the Program Manager

Event ID: CILT                                  Cost: $100 for Overnight, $50 for Day Camp

Ready to come help at camp? We’re excited to have you! Campers in Leadership Training serve as youth role models for younger campers during a week of camp. After attending training at Gretna Glen, CILTs will be matched with a camp program and assigned a family group to assist. In addition CILTs meet daily with the Gretna Glen CILT Coordinator to debrief the day, share successes, receive guidance, and develop leadership skills. All CILT’s must apply and be accepted through the Gretna Glen office before registering for the program they will be helping with.