May 30th, 2020

Dear Friends of Gretna Glen Camp & Retreat Center,

Gretna Glen Camp & Retreat ministry has transformed the lives of campers, volunteers and staff for over 60 years. After much prayer and careful consideration, the staff, along with our site committee and board has made the very difficult decision to suspend our summer programs at Gretna Glen for the 2020 season as scheduled. This includes overnight and day camp programs.

This decision is beyond difficult and something we never imagined having to do. We have been working diligently to prepare for summer camp and looked at many options in trying to find a way to do so. We pored over the guidelines from the American Camp Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. During these many weeks of seeking a safe way forward, it became clear that offering camp would not be in the best interest of our campers whom we love dearly. Social distancing, PPE and quarantine protocols along with screening availability would need to be in place for summer programs to operate at the level we expect. Camp would be nothing like we know it to be under these guidelines. As a result, we decided to suspend summer programs to protect our campers, volunteers, staff, and every parent, sibling, and grandparent connected to our wider community.

Those who have already registered and made a payment toward a program will be contacted by Gretna Glen staff by June 12th to discuss their options going forward.

Options are:

  1. Full refund.
  2. Donate your deposit to help support the continued work of camp.
  3. Refund and donate: Consider taking a partial refund and making a donation. 

This news is very sad. Many tears have been shed and will continue as we mourn the loss of serving our campers this summer. We grieve the loss of our summer program. The hearts of our staff are aching and we are so sorry to disappoint all of you. It is truly out of our love and commitment to serve you well that this decision was made.

The good news: we serve a mighty God. We know the One who holds the future. We draw on that love and strength to guide us through the coming days and months. We are seeking alternative ways to serve our camp community, so please stay in touch.

Challenging days lie before us. Your continued support is vital to us during this unprecedented time. If you would like to make a donation to Gretna Glen you can do that here.

Thank you for loving Gretna Glen.

In Christ,

Apryl Miller, Director

God's Place Apart. Transforming lives.


May 27th 2020

The week of May 17th we received the new summer camp guidelines from the American Camp Association and the CDC. On Friday, May 22nd we received the recommendations from the Governor’s Office that we were waiting for. Our staff team is reading, researching and seeking a way forward. Please know that we plan on making an announcement on Monday, June 1st for what our summer will look like. Again, thank you for your patience.

Apryl Miller, Director

May 11th 2020

Greetings from Gretna Glen!

We know many of you are patiently waiting on what is happening with camp this summer at Gretna Glen. First off, thank you for your patience. I promise we are thinking about our campers every day. We are also thinking of our camper families and staff as we work to make decisions for summer 2020. We wish we had the answers you are looking for today, however we just do not have them at this time.

We have vast amounts of information coming to us each week and we know that the next couple weeks will tell us a lot about the changes that we need to make. Gretna Glen is accredited by the American Camp Association and we are working with them for our safety guidelines for this summer, along with our federal, state and local leaders. The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of The United Methodist Church leadership team is also working closely with us to make the best possible decision we can for the health and safety of our campers and staff. Our decisions are not being made lightly. Please pray for us as we continue to educate ourselves, resource camp communities across the country and plan for what lies ahead.

Our camper families who are already registered will be alerted first to any updates to the schedule. We will make adjustments to their registrations and then roll out opportunities to camper families who are not yet registered for the 2020 season. You may register now without making a deposit at this time. (When registering just click that you will mail a check, however you can wait to pay the deposit until a final schedule is confirmed). You may also wait and see what we provide in the coming weeks, although we do believe that we will have strong camper maximum capacities at a lower level than in the past. We do promise we will continue to always do our best to safely meet the needs of our camp community.

Sincerely, thank you for your support during this time. I am truly grateful.

Peace & Joy-

Apryl Miller, Director

May 1st, 2020 

Greetings from Gretna Glen Camp & Retreat Center. As you are aware information is coming to us daily in regards to what the coming weeks and months will look like for our community.  Please know we are processing all this information to make safe informed decisions as quickly and responsibly as we can in regards to summer camp. We have multiple plans ready to go when it is time for any changes to be made. We do anticipate changes needing to be made. We just need a bit more time and still have a goal of knowing by May 15th with the latest being June 1st. If you are already registered for camp, those updates/options will come to you first.

We continue to pray for you and covet your prayers for us as we walk through this uncharted time in our world. 

Peace & Joy,

Apryl Miller, Director

April 2nd, 2020

Gretna Glen Camp & Retreat Center is closely monitoring the latest news regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. We are following the guidance of the CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health along with the support of our annual conference and the American Camp Association. At this time Gretna Glen is closed to guest groups until further notice in compliance with the Pennsylvania COVID-19 mitigation efforts. We plan to reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. Our staff team is utilizing the recommendations of the CDC to stay safe while we work. As a religious organization our business is considered essential. Our staff of under 10 is committed to the best practices to stay safe. Our office team is practicing social distancing and some work stations have been moved to the Funk Program Center to achieve this. Our maintenance team is busy working on phase two of the road expansion while following safe hygiene practices. Our hospitality team and program team are spring cleaning, prepping for summer, and working on that project list that we never seem to get to.           

Retreat Bookings-Day & Overnight-All retreat operations are currently shut down officially through the end of April. Our office manager is working with each user group to reschedule.

Summer Camp-As of April 2nd, Gretna Glen is committed to preparing for the summer camp season. We also recognize adjustments may need to be made so we are working on a plan B and C.

We are praying that by mid-May we can be confident about what summer will actually look like. As soon as we know we will communicate any changes that may need to be made with our registered camper families and our community. The safety of our campers, volunteers, and staff is of our utmost concern. We are reviewing the already detailed procedures we have for check-in, our standard cleaning protocols, and our health and safety policies to be sure we have the best practices possible.

Walking in Faith-Spring at Gretna Glen is a season that we have the opportunity to serve thousands of guests. Our outdoor education, teambuilding, retreat events, and overnight guest groups are all part of the vibrant ministry of Gretna Glen. We miss serving in that way, as those guests have become our extended family. Our staff team has a servant’s heart and we long for that interaction and hold on to the belief it will return. We know you miss your time here also. We serve a mighty God and we know that God is who holds the plan. We are walking in faith as we are called to do.  My prayers are with you always.

Until we camp again,

Apryl Miller, Director