Have a question about our Family Getaway program?  Please check here. If you do not see your question listed, please email us at camp@gretnaglen.org.  Thank you!

+What is the Family Getaway cancelation/refund policy?

Cancelations must be received in writing and refunds will be considered as follows: Cancelations made 7 days prior to the event are refundable less a 25% cancelation fee. Cancelations made 7 days prior to the event due to illness will be considered case by case for a full refund.

+What is the Family Getaway deposit policy?

50% deposit due at time of reservation. Payable by credit card, check or cash. Registrations for these events will be taken by phone on a first come first serve basis. Online registration will not be available.

+Are there scholarships available?

We know bringing a whole family to Gretna Glen can be expensive. We are blessed with a scholarship fund to assist families in attending our Family Getaway Retreats. Please feel free to ask for this scholarship when you call to reserve your spot(s).

+May my children come with a grandparent, nanny or other guardian?

All minors must be supervised while they are on site by a guardian 21 years or older. That guardian may be a family member or appointed person that will assume responsibility for the children for the duration of your stay.

+Will the camp store be open?

Yes, we will have limited items available in the ‘Snackery’ which is located in the meadow area. We can accept cash, check or credit card. Items in the store will be from past seasons of store merchandise. Snacks and beverages will be available on a more limited basis than our campers are used to.

+Can we have guests come to see us?

No, we are working to create a safety bubble around camp as a best practice. Only registered guests will be permitted to be on site. The only exception is Gretna Glen staff members and their families in addition to camp business such as tours and groups using other areas of camp.

+Can we stay later than check out time?

Thank you for checking. No, we will need everyone packed up and departed by Sunday at 2pm and Thursday at 11am depending on which program you are attending.

+Should we bring our own cleaning supplies?

We do have FDA approved cleaning supplies on site. All spaces will be cleaned prior to your arrival. However, if you feel more comfortable with what you use, you may re-clean your space however makes you feel comfortable.

+Can we bring our pet?

Gretna Glen is not set up for pets being guests at camp. We do know they are part of the family and our staff team are all animal lovers. To try and find a balance we are offering one main site cabin and our outpost housing options for single pet families that need to bring their pet. Animals must be kept on a leash at all times outside of your housing unit. Animals in housing units must be kept in crates when alone.

+Is my child (under 18), allowed to be left unattended by an adult?

No. All children must be in the care of parent/guardians all at all times.

+Can I bring a life jacket for my child?

Yes, you can. We do have lifejackets available, however, there are special cleaning procedures for those. So if you have one, please bring it along.

+Can we bring snacks?

We prefer to not have food in our cabins, but recognize this may be needed for some families. If you are bringing snacks please place them in a sealed tight container (such as a Rubbermaid). Please bring a cooler for snacks that need refrigerated, we can provide ice.

+Do I need sports equipment?

Gretna Glen does have an adequate amount of sports equipment. We will sanitize it daily. If you feel better about bringing your own basketball, volleyball and such, please do so. Gretna Glen is not responsible for lost equipment. Please label it with permanent marker.

+Do we have to follow the schedule that Gretna Glen provides?

We really want these getaways to be what is best for your family. Meal times are not flexible. Everything else is your families’ choice.

+I have food allergies, what do I do?

Please let us know about food allergies when you register. We will let you know what we can provide and help you determine how we can partner to meet you or your family member’s needs.

+Can I keep my medication in my housing/cabin?

Yes, for Family Getaway Retreat events you can keep and administer your own medication. Gretna Glen is not responsible for healthcare during these events.

+What if someone from our family group needs to leave and return?

We understand this may happen on occasion. We would hope this is rare

+Can we prepare our own meals?

Gretna Glen does not have facilities available for individual families to prepare their own meals

+Do the doors to our housing have locks?

The retreat lodge bedroom doors do have privacy locks. Our cabins do not have locks. This has never been an issue.

+Can I see the housing options?

Yes, check out our lodging option videos by clicking the link in the menu (to the right on desktop, below on mobile)
We will be using Cabins 1-7, Retreat Lodge, and Wesley for housing of family camp.

+How will meal times work?

Each family should come together to the dining hall. Masks must be worn while entering, washing your hands well, and getting settled at your assigned table. Then one person from each family should come to the food window to receive their food tray. A mask will be worn when someone approaches the food window for refills or requests.

+Do you have Wi-Fi?

Gretna Glen has very limited Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is needed please check with your host.

+Are there clothes lines?

Yes, outside each housing unit is a place for you to hang your towels and swimsuits.

+Are we permitted to bring bicycles?

Yes. We are located a very short distance from the scenic Lebanon Valley Rail Trail that extends from Lebanon into Lancaster county. Directions to bike or drive to the nearest access point can be provided by camp staff. Biking to and from activities, on walking trails, or around our main site is not permitted. Also, in accordance with ACA ALL riders, regardless of age, must wear a helmet while they are on Gretna Glen property.

+Does the housing have access to electricity?

The Retreat Lodge is a very modern full amenities space.
The main site Cabins 1-7 & Wesley all are modern sleeping quarters with electricity.
Outpost tents and Cabins do not have electrify. You can charge your cell phone when you come to meals if needed.